How We Made N215K In 1 Day Using Tiny Sold Out Offers To Sell 1 Simple Product

Moses Uche

There is a unique formula I have always used to boost sales within 24 hours.

It’s called Tiny Sold Out Offers.

Anytime I use it, I normally sellout all my products within a day.

No jokes. This is insider sh*****t. But I will tell you everything.

I first learned about it from direct response marketers who normally use this method to get their clients so many orders they won’t be able to keep up with.

The first time I saw this formula, I didn’t believe it’ll work… until I tried it.

So, in our company, we needed to raise N500,000 within 3 days because we just saw a hot product… (with 3 Groovy Methods inside Hot Products Detective Program)

Let's Continue...

We needed to start selling it – before anybody else. (because that’s how you make big money in a short amount of time)

Then, we decided to give Tiny Sold Out Offers a try and the results were mind-blowing.

Chill, I’m going to show you everything we did to achieve N350K sales in 1 day.

The product was a joint pain supplement. We sold it for N15,000.

Let’s get started…

What is Tiny Sold Out Offers?

This is a new kind of offer that doubles anything the customer buy within a specific period of time, plus a strong reason to buy now.

It’s like a flash sale. 

But, a better version that convinces customers to buy now or regret it forever.

The offer is meant to get the customers full attention.

Make them say in their mind “This is too good to be true” – which exactly what we want.

I’ll explain…

We asked our customers to buy our product and they’ll get one free. 

Buy 2 bottles of our products and get 2 extra free.

Buy 3 bottles of our products and get 3 extra free.

Even, buy 6 and get 6 free.

And it was profitable. However…

Customers Went Crazy Over Tiny Sold Out Offers.

They couldn’t believe it, but it works. 

First of all, the product was a hot product which we got with The 3 Groovy Methods inside Hot Products Detective.

Apart from the offer...

We added a massive scarcity & urgency to the offer – which even drove more sales.

The scarcity was simple. We had 62 products remaining and it’s on a first buy, first serve basis. 

Including, another wicked urgency – be among the first 10 people to order and get free delivery + a special surprise gift. 

While others will pay N3,000 for their delivery.

What did you think happened?

Our customers were calling to ask if it was real. And then, placing orders on the phone.

Nobody bought 1. It was 2 above. Someone even bought 5 and got 5 free.

It was this experience that turned me into a Tiny Sold Out Offers Lover.

Are you wondering if this is profitable? Let me show…

The Simple Maths Behind The Crazy Profitability Of Tiny Sold Out Offers

First things first… 

Profit = Revenue – Expenses

Just a quick reminder, because most people have forgotten that formula above. 

In Ecommerce Business, we have 3 main types of expenses…

1. Product + Shipping Cost

2. Marketing Cost

3. Delivery Cost

In Our Case, This Was Our Numbers…

1. Product + Shipping Cost (per unit) = N1,000

2. Marketing Cost (maximum) = N500 per order

3. Delivery Cost = N2,500

Am not including office expenses. I want to keep things simple. Okay!

When you get an order for your product, some of your costs are constant (they don’t change) like the delivery cost. Likewise, the marketing cost.

The goal is to get customers to buy more so that we can increase our Average Order Value (AOV).

SIDENOTE: Inside Hot Products Detective, I showed how to upsell more things to your customers.

For Example...

Selling Price (per product) is N15,000

Profit is N11,000 (Expense is N4,000)

When we give 1 Free, our profit will be N10,000, while the expense will be N5,000 – Isn’t?

Because marketing cost + delivery cost remains the same (N3,000).

Now, Let’s Go Deeper…

Buy 2, Get 2 Free. Price N25,000 (Save N5,000). Expenses N7,000. Profit N18,000.

Buy 3, Get 3 Free. Price N35,000 (Save N10,000). Expenses N9,000. Profit N26,000.

Buy 4, Get 4 Free. Price N45,000 (Save N15,000). Expenses N11,000. Profit N34,000.

Buy 5, Get 5 Free. Price N75,000 (Save N20,000). Expenses N13,000. Profit N62,000.

The more you give, the more profit you make.

I shared more strategies like this inside the Hot Products Detective Program.

This is not just theory. It’s a reality!

In case you don’t already know, it’s really expensive to acquire a customer. 

That’s why you want a customer to buy more whenever you’re selling to them. In order to increase their Lifetime value (LTV) with you.

Now, let me show you why Tiny Sold Out Offers works and how you can use it…

How To Use Tiny Sold Out Offers To Grow Your Business In The Next 7 Days...

Have An Irrefusable Offer

Obviously, this was a good offer. If you have something like this for your customers they’ll swallow it up. And you’ll make a lot of money.

First of all, make sure you do the maths. You don’t have to sell the farm. Make sure you’re making a profit – and almost never making a loss. (I talked about this inside, Hot Products Detective Program)

Offer An Incentive To Buy (Now & More)

It’s as simple as it gets. Buy one now and I will give you one extra. 

You’re basically rewarding them for taking action. And the more action they take, the more reward they’ll get – likewise, the more profit, you’ll make.

Give A Logical Reason For The Offer

Our reason was genuine, we wanted to sell off our products and help our customers with a mind-blowing offer. 

The more believable the reason, the more powerful it will be. That’s most ecommerce businesses come up with different ways to do promos. Mobile Week, Happiness Friday, Black Friday, Anniversary Week etc

Use Scarcity + Urgent Deadline

Our scarcity was, we had only 62 products remaining. 

The deadline was, it’s ending in 24 hours. Use a specific deadline, it works best. Instead of saying it will end in some days, just say – It ends by (date) or 72 hours.

Provide Detailed Explanation

We created a sales page for our offer. Write a normal copy for it within an hour because the offer was going to sell itself. 

With a good offer, you don’t have to write a lot of copy. Because we people love the offer, they’ll be ready to buy.

However, we explained everything they’ll get – just like the way I explained everything you’ll get inside Hot Products Detective Program.

Have A Follow-Up Mechanism

We sent a message to them through bulk SMS, email and chatbot. We even called some who had an active number. And told them about our offer they shouldn’t miss.

This is the reason why list building is key. Instead of just selling without building any list. 

When you have a list, you can go back and reach your customers when you’ve something new for them – which should be at least once every 3 months (well, more or less) – depending on what you’re selling.

I need to tell you something…

A Little Warning About Tiny Sold Out Offers

Don’t do it too often. Please don’t.

So that, you won’t condition your customers to wait for your Tiny Sold Out Offers before buying from you.

I recommend you do it every 2 – 3 months for maximum performance and profitability.

Also, it works best for customers that know and trust you already. Mostly, those who have bought something from you before. Not fresh prospect, you’re trying to convince.

However, if you manage to find a way to use it on cold traffic (fresh prospect) then you’ll build a 7 or 8 figure empire in a short period of time. 

If you have a huge customer list, you’ll always make it rain in your organisation when you use Tiny Sold Out Offers.

If you combine Tiny Sold Our Offers with hot products… then you’ll be waking up to series of daily credit alerts. 

To get more hot products faster without selling what everyone else is selling, use The 3 Groovy Methods inside Hot Products Detective Program

Finally, Tiny Sold Out Offers Works

Yes, it looks simple. But, it works.

Don’t forget the old tagline that says – Simple works. Don’t Complicate Things.

Just give it a try. 

It has the potential of growing your business. 

You could get a revenue of 1 week or 2 weeks in just one day. 

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Thank you very much for your time.

If you need help with getting hot products… Click Here – I’ll show you how I get them easily.


What’s your biggest takeaway and how are you going to apply this to your business?

Say something below. I’ll read everything and reply. 

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19 Replies to “How We Made N215K In 1 Day Using Tiny Sold Out Offers To Sell 1 Simple Product”

  1. Moses, you’re too much.

    Someone told me about this, some times ago. But, I didn’t believe him. I love the way you broke everything down.

    God bless you.

    I’ll pay for the Hot Products Detective Course right now, through Paystack. Hope I’ll get it today?

    I can’t wait to get my own Hot Products

  2. Thank you for the post. It makes alot of sense. Mostly, the Maths part. I just learnt something new.

    I’ll transfer the money for Hot Products Training when I get to the office.

    I’ve noticed that Moses is different from other marketers in Nigeria. Keep up the good job.

  3. Oga Moses!!! This is simply mind blowing… This is top level ecommerce secret…. Thanks for sharing this powerful content. Kudos to you

  4. Well, if you’ve seen any of his courses, you’ll know Moses is the real deal. Dude’s got lots of value.

    Well done boss. I see the way you’re even sneakily selling HPD here! Na you be boss!

    1. Thanks for get Hot Products Detective Program. You’re the real deal.

      Don’t blame me, I’m the next generation marketer. I teach and sell.. 😂 😂 😂

      Thanks for your time.

  5. Bro you are genius jhor, I have always loved your marketing skills compared to others and am working on saving money to learn indeoth of internet marketing directly from you. I have just paid for the hot products detective training. Plus how much does it cost to learn internet marketing from you so I can prepare myself. You can reach me on

  6. Man of the moment. Even if you sell shit, I will still buy. Cos you’ll add value to the shit and overdeliver

    1. Thanks boss. We don’t plan on selling shit. Even if we do, we will be selling a recycling machine that turns shit into something cool… I’m glad you love my value.

  7. Moses Uche, you keep surprising me every time.

    This little write up is worth millions. I will definitely give this a try and get back to you on the course.

  8. I ‘comment my reserve’ for now!!!
    Good free training, let me implement on one product via cold traffic, see the result and come back to leave my comment.

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