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Hello Chief!

Can We Help You Make (More) Money In Your Ecommerce Business With A COMPLETE Done For You Package?

Imagine, No Guessing If Your NEXT Product Will Sell, No Creating Images, Videos, Ad Copy, Sales Page… All Is Possible With Ecommerce Chief Package.

There is no way you can fail with this complete ecommerce setup


LISTEN, If You're...

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THEN, This CHIEF PACKAGE Will Change Your Story Faster Than Anything Else, You've Tried Or Seen Before... ONLY If you're willing.

Dear Chief…

You’re on this page because you want to profit 5X faster

Without going through all the stress & tedious work involved in making BIG PROFIT in ecommerce.

You want an ecommerce business system that’s easy to implement & get sales. Without worrying about setting up the systems yourself. 

It used to be a dream. But, It’s now possible.


I Know, it sounds too good to be true...

I won’t blame you, because I understand your pain. 

Most ecommerce gurus has created multiple steps to jump, in order to get a successful ecommerce business. When you can just get a complete done for you package.

Let’s face the truth…

You probably don’t have enough time – and this ecommerce stuff, seems like it is just not working for you.

BUT – It’s working for others… 

And it’ll start working for you (very soon) because of Ecommerce Chief Shortcut Package.

We've made a decision to help people who are too busy to set up their ecommerce business.

Because, honestly – we get request every week from people who want a complete done for you package.

Also, we usually discover a lot of hot products every day.

We’ve tried to sell as much as we can – but what is the fun in a game if there’s always the same winner.

That’s we why we want to set up your hard-to-fail ecommerce business for you. Basically, we’ll do everything and give you the key to a new income stream.

Sounds interesting??

I'm Moses Uche...

A Silent Ecommerce Millionaire who specializes in selling ONLY hot products customers will rush to buy… and buy again. 

Author, Speaker, Mentor to 7 Figures Entrepreneurs and…

Also, The Creator of various programs, books and training…

  • Hot Products Detective Program…
  • Daily Ecommerce Sales System…
  • Ecom Millionaires Club
  • Ecommerce Chief Shortcut Package
  • Irrefusable Offer Secret System 
  • And MUCH MORE…

I’m not bragging… But if you’ve never sold a hot product with complete done for you, you’ve not really discovered the joy of running an Ecommerce business.

Need Proof?

"I Made 7 Figures With My Second Hot Product" - Samuel

"Doing Ecommerce Since 2015... I've Started Getting Massive Orders & 1 Product Will Give Me 7 Figures" - Ugo

"If You've Problem Getting Hot Products For Your Ecommerce Business... Talk To Moses" - Obinna

Why Are We Doing This?

After producing a blockbuster program – Hot Product Detectives

I noticed some students were getting massive results back to back.

Why a few weren’t. 

I was worried, so as a good mentor (what my students said) I reached out to them to know what was wrong or where they needed help, then – I noticed a few things…

Some were “Working Class” and didn’t have time. They admitted that Hot Products Detective Program was the best program they’ve ever taken (don’t believe – Check it out here) and they just don’t have any free time to put in the work.

Some were in Emergency Mode. Something terrible just happened to them. Like someone died, they got fired from work, lost money in an investment… something bad happened. And they needed a quick fix with a proven ecommerce business – without wasting more time.

Some were asking for a “Done For You Package”. I’ve ignored them for too long because I was busy with a lot of things. They  wanted DFY Package, because they were tired of trying and failing with their ecommerce business, or they didn’t know what to do.

And many more opinions… 

Including those that want my exact funnel, ad and product I’m selling… Hahhaaha

I listened to everyone and I decided to create Ecommerce Chief Shortcut Package. 

Before I show you more… 

Please, don’t forget that, You’re Only One Hot Product Away From Making Millions In Ecommerce. And, it all starts with believing in yourself.

People are doing it… You too can do it.

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE: If you believe you can do it… 


*WINK… WINK* + **High Five**


Ecommerce Chief Package

NEW Private Complete "Ecommerce Business" Done For You Service

My Chief, listen…

This is not an ebook, course or another additional training. 

You’re a CHIEF and we’re here to serve you by removing “start & grow an ecommerce business” from your to-do list.

Everything you need for explosive profits is included, I’ll do 95% of the tedious part for you so you won’t have to waste money and time doing trial and error. 

In case you don’t know, this is the… 

First & Best Complete Ecommerce Done For You Service

…That’ll equip you with the total ecommerce setup that has the potential of making you smile to the bank daily.

Ours products are vetted and hand-picked. Not auto-selection!

I’ve noticed that, people normally buy this package when they’re in need of some emergency money! 

Do you need some emergency money?

If yes, this is for you.

Do you want to see what you’ll get if you decide to grab one of the limited ecommerce chief shortcut package we have. 

(It’s very limited, because we normally hand-pick them every time).

Who Is This For?

1. It’s available for people who are killing ecommerce… and they just need a done for you ecommerce setup to sell without any work involved. (AKA Those Existing Chiefs or Does Already Doing 7 Figures)

2. It’s for people who want to get to the next level… So that they can have enough time and freedom to do whatever they want. (AKA Those Who Want To Become A Chief or Does Already Doing 6 Figures)

3. It’s for complete beginners… Those who want to get started with their ecommerce business (AKA Those Who Want To Enjoy What Chief Enjoy or Does That Make Nothing or 5 Figures)

Make sense right?

Here’s What You’ll Get...

One Profitable, Winning & Hot Product

We’ll give you a tested hot selling product that will sell… because it’s already selling well – and you’ll be the first few people (sometimes the first person) to sell it in Nigeria.

The hot product & complete funnel will be built for you to actually make you money. Secure it. Launch It. Do 7 figure from it before you show your friends.

Also, these are not the kind of product that makes Facebook Ban your account. 

We focus on giving you hot products that stays out of the health & beauty industry! So that you can easily sell it without the usual Facebook frustration.


What Makes Hot Products Chief So Special?

In order to help you succeed faster…

We’re adding the ultimate shortcut materials & resources so that you can easily sell your new Hot Product… with less stress.

This additional resources take us more time to get, but we want you to get the results you’ve been craving for. 

So, you’ll get things like, we’ll…

Get Your Hot Product Sourcing Link

We'll Provide You With The Exact ALIBABA, 1688 & ALIEXPRESS LINK Of The Hot Products. This way, you can buy more products to keep selling after selling the initial products we imported.

Worth: N5,000

Get Your Ecom Sales Funnel Design

We'll DESIGN Your ECOMMERCE SALES FUNNEL To Sell Off Your New Hot Product (Even If You’re Bad At Selling). This is model after our 7 figure ecom funnel that made us 10X more cash.

Worth: N15,000

Get Your Sales Copy For Your Product

Write Badass, Persuasive & COMPLIANT SALES FUNNEL COPY That Turns Readers To Buyers - FAST! Persuade your customers to buy your hot product without going against ad policies.

Worth: N22,500

Craft Offers That Sell Out Your Product

Create PROFITABLE IRREFUSABLE OFFER That’ll Make Customers Feel Stupid For Missing, While Making You Cool Cash. The goal is to help you get sales by selling your offers.

Worth: N12,500

Get Persuasive Social Proof For Product

Get Legit SOCIAL PROOF & REVIEWS That’ll Convince Customers To Order Without Talking To Anyone. Which makes selling your product faster than anything you've tried before.

Worth: N9,500

Get Order Form On Your Sales Funnel

We'll Help You Implement Your ORDER FORM To Get Daily Orders From Customers All Over The World. This will help to get your customer orders and get email notification directly.

Worth: N5,000

Get Proven Facebook Ad Copy

Write FB AD COPY To Sell Your New Hot Product Without Annoying Facebook & their Policies. You’ll use it to promote the product & rank in sales without writing anything.

Worth: N10,000

Get Attractive Ad Image Creative

Get & Design AD IMAGE CREATIVE To Grab & Convert Your Audience Attention Into Orders. Don’t know how to get images? We’ll surprise you with creatives that has been tested.

Worth: N5,000

Click Grabbing Video Ad Creative

Create 3 CUSTOM AD VIDEO CREATIVE To Turn Engaging Viewers Into Happy Buyers. Don’t know how to get videos? We’ll surprise you with creatives that has been tested.

Worth: N12,000

Get Perfect Ad Targeting System

PERFECT TARGETING To Reach Hungry Buyers Who Are Interested In Your Hot Product. We’ll show you how to reach real buyers, without wasting your ads budget on bad targeting.

Worth: N12,000

Tested Delivery & Courier Agent

Get Our Private & Updated COURIER COMPANIES & SELF DELIVERY AGENTS We Are Using to Deliver Our Products. No need of looking for people to delivery your product.

Book Our Clarity & Execution Call

I'll Personally BOOK YOUR EXECUTION CALL To Put Fire Under Your Feet & Give You Zero Chance Of Messing This Up & Procrastinating. Plus 7 figure ecom mindsets.

Platinum Customer Support

You'll Get Weeks Of “LEVEL UP” SUPPORT To Fix Any Mess & Help You Scale Profitably. Just in case you need some extra help when launching your new done for you ecommerce product.

Quick 15 Mins Setup Video Tutorial

We Give You 15 Minutes DEBRIEF VIDEO TUTORIAL To Tie Everything Together, Before Clicking START or LAUNCH. This will help you do the little tweaks needed to get more sales.

Worth Over


Want To Get Started Now?

Everything you’re getting is worth over N250,000.

Which is just 25% of your first or next million from a hot product.

But you won’t be paying that amount today.



I’ve created the perfect package that’ll help you get started fast.

See it below…


Worth: N350,000

OLD PRICE: N85,000

NEW PRICE: N50,000 (After 2 Slots Is Taken)



DELIVERY TIME: Only 1 – 2 Days // 2 Slots Available


...To Apply Now Or Have Questions Or Need Help With Getting Started?

This is a One on one Application Call with Moses Uche or his team, to deliver clarity & help you set up a done for you ecommerce business that’ll help you in banking your next 7 figures. 

If you’re good fit after the, your done for you package will be allocated to you and we’ll start working on it ASAP.

Ready To Get Started? BOOK YOUR CALL BELOW… 

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Smart Questions From Smart Customers!

Question #1: When will I get the product?

Depending on your package 1 – 2 days. We don’t rush things over here. Before you get the product, we recommend that you prepare yourself, your tools and be ready to strike. E.g Minimum FB Ad Budget of N10k – 20K.

Question #2: Are you sure it will sell?

Yes. If you’re familiar with Hot Products Detective Program, you’ll know that we have a formula for checking if a product will sell or not. With Daily Ecommerce Sales System (where I show you the Phasion Formula), you can’t help but get sales.

Question #3: Will I get one hot product + funnel every month or just once?

This is a one-time purchase. 

You’ll get a product just once. If you want to get products monthly, check our Millionaires Club

Question #4: Are you going to give me a copy to sell the product?

Yes, boss. Both ad copy and sales page copy. We’ve got your back. 

Question #5: Can you help me sell it?

No boss. We’re currently booked. Not accepting clients for the next 6 months. With Daily Ecommerce Sales System, you don’t have issue.

Question #6: What are we going to do in the 10 minutes call?

Talk about the strategy to execute faster. If you don’t want it – ignore it. 

Question #7: How will I sell the product?

With Facebook Ads. Get the ad copy, choose from the creatives, set up the Funnel and launch your ad. You can scale it and use Google Ads for it. Daily Ecommerce Sales System is there to show you everything you need to do in order to start seeing sales every day.

Question #8: Once I get this package, how much will I sell the product for?

We’ll put a recommended price for each product we give you. You can choose to sell high or low. Nevertheless, you’ll be profitable. 

Question #9: Which niche will be hot product be?

Anything apart from health products that kill ad account. Various Niches like home equipment, beauty, kitchen, gadgets, fashion etc. 

Question #10: How much will be the profit for each product?

Between N5,000 – N20,000. However, we use offers to increase our profit to even N30,000 and higher. We’ll implement it for you.

ONLY 2 SLOTS LEFT! Get Started Today!


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