Want more sales for your Ecommerce business?

Start Getting DAILY ECOMMERCE SALES While Reducing Your Marketing Cost with…

"The Phasion Formula"

Finally... Never Have Another Day With Zero Sales Again! Regardless Of Your Product, Price Point or Even If You're A Complete Beginner With No Marketing Skill.

(N250,750 Worth Of FREE Bonuses + Video Training + PDF Guides + Software + Resources)

Are you tired of trying to sell off your products, but end up paying Mark Zuck salary?

Or maybe you feel some of these big guys have a system they’re using… but they’re not showing you?

Yes dear… You’re right.

Most of the big guys I know in the ecommerce world have a system they’ve vowed not to show anyone… even within our circle – talkless of the small guy selling saturated waist trainer.

What most business people don’t understand is that…

The skills that got you into 6 Figures can’t comfortably get you into 7 Figures or beyond. 

Wherever you’re right now in your ecommerce empire, is a result of what you know right now. Yes or No?

Are you ready to move to the next level, just like some of your friends & those people you admire? 

If yes… 

The Phasion Formula will help you sell a lot of products and make you start thinking about getting a proper team to run your ecommerce business.

This is not a course, like I said before. It’s a case study program. 

My goal is for you to get results… FASTER THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE! 

I will give you The Phasion Formula and monitor (or even kick) you into action. 

I want you to get results, that is why it’s a case study program. Your results in your ad account… not someone else’s result.

Do you think that is possible? If yes…


Daily Ecommerce Sales System

Discover The Phasion Formula That Generates Daily Ecommerce Sales While Reducing Your Marketing Cost, Regardless Of Your Product, Price Point or Even If You’re A Complete Beginner With No Sales or Marketing Skill

What A Student Said...

Stanley Okonkwo

Ecommerce Entrepreneur // Coach

At A Glance...

Program level

For Beginners who want to learn how to sell ecommerce products and For Advanced Users who need a predictable to optimize & scale their business.

Program goal

Get more daily & predictable sales for your ecommerce products while building a brand that "might" outlive you... without huge sales budget.

Program length

7+ hours – self pace, which means you can go through it anytime + lifetime access. You can download / watch on mobile or laptop.

Program Format

Videos, audio version, pdf guides, worksheets, group mastermind, software and more.

What is it?

Daily Ecommerce Sales System is a premium training that shows you The Phasion Formula That Generates Daily Ecommerce Sales While Reducing Your Marketing Cost, Regardless Of Your Product, Price Point or Even If You're A Complete Beginner With No Sales or Marketing Skill

Who's it for?

It's perfect for ecommerce owners who currently have businesses or want to start selling online. It works for any ecommerce niche that sell anything to humans.

How does it work?

You follow the step-by-step roadmap, watch the videos, use the guides, worksheets, and templates. Ask questions within the Group or on the daily chat. Follow the process, get results.

When does it start?

Immediately! You start the moment you enrol. Go as fast or slow as you would like. You have lifetime access. You can get started right now.

Why does it exist?

We created Daily Ecommerce Sales System because there was nothing out there that shows ecommerce owners how to sell their product & get predictable results... without wasting their capital on marketing.

What Makes Daily Ecommerce Sales System So Special?

Millionaires Student Group

Every DES student joins our secret group (which you can’t find online). In the secret group, we share, collaborate & supports our ideas in order to succeed faster.

Step By Step Video Training

This training is broken than into 20+ short consumable videos, that you can consume in one evening & be equipped to get your next hot selling product.

Copy & Paste Ecom Funnel

Want lots of sales? Use a funnel to sell your products - which is why we created a funnel for you, so that you can implement & start selling.

PDF Action Guides

Hate watching videos? We’ve got your back. We've added PDF Guides in other to make going through the program & executing what you learned 4X faster.

HOT Premium Softwares

Inside this program, we’ve added all the software we use to automate 45% of most of our Ecommerce tasks. So that, you can free your time & enjoy more.

High Converting Ads Copy

Afraid of writing Ad Copy? You don’t need to worry, because we have a unique method ALL our students use in getting Badass ads copy for any product.

Eye Grabbing Ads Creatives

Worry about where to get good creatives for your ads? We’ve a unique 2 step system we use in getting powerful images or videos for any hot product.

Daily Question & Answers

With our LIVE CHAT feature, you can ask any question and get answers within 2 minutes. No more crying & dying in silence. If you need help - ask & receive.

Much More...

Here's What You'll Discover Inside Daily Ecommerce Sales System


Module #1 - 7 Figure Ecom Sales Craft Principles That Makes Selling Your Ecommerce Products Extremely Profitable

(Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)

The first rule of making money is, never to lose money. When trying to sell your products, If you keep making mistakes that swallows your cash – you’ll definitely run out of cash to grow your business.



Module #2 - The Authentic Celeb Method To Look & Feel Credible To Real Buyers Even If You New Without Testimonials

(Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)

The average marketer understands that every great product is all about packaging. However, most marketers don’t know how to be branded. In this module, you’ll learn how to perceived as trusted & credible.



Module #3 - Rapid Sales Funnel Methods For Getting An Amazing Selling Machine For Ecommerce Products That Never Sleeps

(Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)

Now there’s a new process that converts more prospects into customers… and you can use it now to sell your product without coding. In this module, you’ll learn how to create & use the hyper profitable sales funnel



Module #4 - A Simple Code-Free Method For Installing, Testing & Activating Your Retargeting Pixel To Get Daily Ecommerce Sales

(Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)

Not everyone that sees your marketing message buys the first time. You’ll need to keep reminding them to buy, easier. In this module, you’ll learn how to use pixels to Retarget to get more orders. 



Module #5 - A Simple Copywriting Formula That Converts Boring Readers To Interested Buyers Without Talking To Anyone

(Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)

Have you even read a story that hooked your attention, because you had to know what happened at the end? If yes, I’ll show you how to write something that gets you more orders than you can handle without lying.



Module #7 - Pro-Free Design System For Creating & Getting Images + Videos That Gets Attention & Convert Them Into Sales

(Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)

 How to assemble & get a Creative-Free Designs that directly double, triple, even quadruple your sales even if you don’t know anything about designs. In this module, you’ll learn how to creative pro-level design as a beginner



Module #6 - The Most Predictable Way To Target Real Buyers Who Can Pay For Your Product Without Wasting Your Ads Budget

(Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)

Targeting is massively important because a normal offer to the right audience will often lead to sales – then sending the best offer to the wrong audience. In this module, you’ll learn how to reach your perfect audience that buys your product.



Module #7 - Discover The Rapid Profit Finder System That Confirms The Effectiveness Of Your Offers, Copies & Creatives That Will Produce Maximum Profit With Minimum Budget

(Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)

Always be testing. It’s the number one rule of Paid advertising. Which is important for achieving success with marketing. In this part, you’ll learn the most profitable ways to test your ads while opening the door of daily sales. 



Module #8 - Discover The Clean Tokyo Formula For Transforming A Failed Campaign Into A Sales Generating Powerhouse Through Profitable Real-Life Data

(Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)

After testing phase, the next step is to optimize the results and use this information to increase the flow of Daily sales in your business. This stage is often ignored by most people, that’s why they don’t get Daily Ecommerce Sales.



Module #10 - Discover The Smart Moon Fall Method For Reaching More People, Selling More Products & Increasing Your Profits Without Killing Your Best Campaign Or Burning Cash

(Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)

Scaling your ads was on your mind as soon as you got your first sale, just like most marketers think scaling their campaigns is simply by increasing their budgets. However, this often leads to a decrease in ROI and increase CPA. You’ll learn a better way. 



Daily Ecommerce Sales Specialist Certification

You’ll become a Certified Daily Ecommerce Sales Specialist after taking this training from the comfort of your home. 

You can decide to flaunt the certificate on your wall of fame, on social media or even in your CV to make you more valuable in the eyes of your future employer. 

Congratulations in advanced… 

…On your decision to become a Daily Ecommerce Sales Specialist. I wish you more money in your account when you finally start getting daily ecommerce sales! *wink*


Daily Ecommerce Sales Coaching Group

(Private Interactive Group For Action Takers)

Have questions about your ecommerce journey, scaling ads or business advice or general questions? 

Just ask in the group and you’ll get answers. 

Including extra hot tricks, trainings and secrets to make your Ecommerce business extremely successful without working like an Egyptian slave. 

NEW UPDATE: We’ll share some live campaigns you can reserve engineer to even make more cash for yourself.

In The Group, You'll Get Access To...

Worth Over



When You Compare All The Methods In This Program, With Other Methods People Teach...

You’ll notice that there is nothing like DAILY ECOMMERCE SALES SYSTEM with “The Phasion Formula”

Today, if you want to try the NEW & SMART way of selling your physical product, then I’ll add something special to this package.

What I’m about to give you is going to help you run a better, profitable and stress-free ecommerce business. 

Everyone who say yes during this pre-launch period will get all the bonuses when they’re finally ready!

Are You Ready?… 

Want To Get Started Now?

I know you want it. But, before you get it… I want to ask you a question.

How Much Are 10 Customers Worth To You?

For example… If you sell a product worth N15,000 or N25,000. That’s N150,000 or N250,000 Extra Revenue. Right?

What if I told you, it was possible to get 10, 20 or even 50 daily sales for your products… 

What will you do with the extra money?

You could Buy Lands, Travel Round The World, Expand Your Business, Get Married, Pay Your Debt, Stop Working Like A Donkey and Finally, Live A Life FULL Of Freedom.

These things are possible. Others are doing it, why not you? Because, you currently don’t have a proven system that helps you get predictable sales in your business.

Sales Cure Everything, In Business!

Today, I want to extend the opportunity for you to join Daily Ecommerce Sales Program as a founding member.


If you act now, you’re one of the first 50 people that get access to the secret system.

The total value for the program is N250,000. Less than $997 those gurus sell their fluff-filled courses. I buy them, so I know what I’m talking about.

To join, you’ll be paying only 10% of N250,000. That’s N25,000.

ONLY N25,000

It’s worth every kobo. Because, apart from using it in your business.

You can also, help other busy ecommerce owners get daily sales for their business.

I’ve a better deal for you today…

As A Founding Member...

During a short period of time, I will offer this video training program + all the bonuses to you for a low price of N10,000.

YES! You'll pay – N10,000.

I know it’s too cheap (& I’m not stupid either). But, there are two simple conditions attached to it… 

1. You must consume the training within a few days of getting it and implement what you learned.

2. If you think the training is valuable or you got results from it, then you’ll send me a video / written review or testimonial (I can’t wait for your 7 figure testimonials). 

By doing that, you’ll be saving over N15,000 – while you pay only N10,000.


If YES, Click Here Let’s Get Started. 

If NO, you can pay N25,000 for the training program later and it’ll still be worth it. Or keep running your business with no sales. 

And complaining about how bad ecommerce is in Nigeria, while My Students are KILLLLLLLLING IT EVERY DAY!


By the way, if you’re interested – you’ll have to hurry because, there is only a limited slot open for serious action takers.

I’m looking for more success stories…

PAY ONLY N10,000

FAST Action Takers Bonuses

Ecom Funnel Design Course

Highly Converting Ecom Funnel & Sales Page Design BTS Workshop Training

(WORTH N15,000 - It's FREE Today!)

The first impression lasts longer, right? 

However, it’s annoying to see Ecom owner design sales page (your most valuable salesman) like a smelling 7days spoiled egg. Yunk! 

Whenever you’re selling online, always remember that you’re selling a Blackbox and no one knows what they’ll get until they actually get it.

So, you need to paint the perfect picture for them before they'll order & buy.

You’ll get an exclusive training on how to design highly profitable Ecom Funnels that convince your customers to click on the Order Now button. And pay you, without procrastinating. 

In this Behind The Scene Training, you’ll watch over my shoulder and see how I design highly converting sales page, even if you can’t edit a word document – yet.

+ FREE Sales Page Builder Plugin (the exact one we use in our agency - everyday)

You can make more money by helping Ecom owners design their own sales funnel, even if you hate design because you’ll learn a 5-step method we used to design winning Ecom Funnels every time & even see me designing it LIVE. 

1000+ Winning Ecommerce Ads Swipes

Ecommerce Ads Swipe File On Demand I Use To Create Badass Marketing Campaigns

(WORTH N15,000 - It's FREE Today!)

Rapid Hacking Any Winning Ecommerce Funnel

Behind The Scene: The Fastest Way To Track Down A Winning Ecommerce Funnel That Replicate, Without Scrolling All Day On Your Newsfeed.

(WORTH N10,000 - It's FREE Today!)

Ecommerce Email Marketing Profits System

The Hidden 3 Striker Email System For Ecommerce Business That Produce Extra 6 Figures Monthly... Without Ads

(WORTH N25,000 - It's FREE Today!)

Daily Retargeting Profit Machine

The 5 Retargeting Secret System That Will Help Any Ecommerce Owner Make 3X From Their Ads Spent.

(WORTH N17,000 - It's FREE Today!)

Winning Ecommerce Ad Copy Formula

The Laziest Copywriting Formula That Helps You Write Winning Ecommerce Ad Copy By Following The Curve Breakdown System

(WORTH N12,000 - It's FREE Today!)

Ecommerce SEO Product Ranking System

Discover The Fastest Way To Rank Your Ecommerce Product & Funnel On The First Page Of Google Without Spending Any Money or Becoming An SEO Geek.

(WORTH N10,000 - It's FREE Today!)

7 Evergreen Ecommerce Conversion Boosters

Discover The Everyday Sales Boosting Element 7 Figures Ecommerce Funnel & How To Implement Them In 30 Minutes

(WORTH N5,000 - It's FREE Today!)

Selling Saturated Products With Crazy Marketing Angles

The “Hollywood Dark Secret” Most Marketers Will Never Discover & How It Can Increase Your Sales By 200%... & Beat The Crap Out Of Your Competitors

(WORTH N20,000 - It's FREE Today!)

Profitable Low Budget Ads Strategy

The Action Goose Method Of Running Ads That Gets Results On A Low Budget

(WORTH N5,000 - It's FREE Today!)

Sniper Range Ads Targeting Methods

The Most Accurate & Predictable Way To Target Your Perfect Audience Who Want & Can Pay For Your Offer Without Wasting Your Ads Budget.

(WORTH N15,000 - It's FREE Today!)

Forget broad and narrow targeting – that’s the way of the beginner. No offense, if you’re a beginner. 

What I’m about to show you is something you already know, but you’re afraid to try it – even though you must have heard advanced marketers testimonials about it. 

We use this targeting methods for every of our campaign (no more useless narrow or broad targeting)…

We recently perfected it by adding an additional hack that allows us to reduce costs while getting more clicks and scaling your ads to more people without stopping the performance. 

I recently heard about one shopify Guru talking about it. I was just smiling – I thought we were the only one using it to get mad results. Now, you can join us. 

Tested & Trusted Facebook™ Ads Payment Methods

5 Facebook™ Ads Payment Methods That Works For Us Without Any Failure

(WORTH N15,000 - It's FREE Today!)

If successfully paying for ads is still on your to-do list, please cancel it now and relax – Simply because… 

I’ll show you 5 sure methods that make paying for your ads (or clearing your stubborn ads debt) as easy as turning on an ad – No more struggle.

If you’ve this ads payment issue, worry no more because there’s a trusted solution.

If you don’t find a quick & reliable solution to your Ads payments issue now, your highly performing ads for one of your hot product might be paused because you couldn’t pay your debt after trying the only method you knew. 

Be a proactive Ecom owner and reduce every risk of not getting sales, even if it’s your declined payment issue. 

Fix it now, get more proven methods to help you (or a friend in future) and secure your business. Get this bonus now and be ready for the unnecessary payment decline attack. 

The Total Value For Daily Ecommerce Sales System + All The Bonuses:


Crazy Double Money Back Guarantee

Unbelievable right? We are doing this either because we’re stupid or we’re sooooo confident that our training will work for your business.

We know this training has the potential to transform your business and life because it’s the exact same, repeatable process we have used to do 6 & 7 figures in sales.

But maybe you’re on the fence because other resources have left you disappointed and a bit skeptical. That’s understandable. That’s why you’ll get to test drive Daily Ecommerce Sales System for 30 days. The risk is on us

All you have to do is show us the offer you created, in order to show that you’ve made a reasonable effort. 

Then, simply contact us & your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded. Email info@hotproducts.com.ng or call 08071283838 for a full refund of your investment. 

Yes, this program either give you everything we promised, or you get double your money back AND you get to keep all the program + bonuses for free.

No tricks. No hidden fees. None of that. All yours for a low price.

Have Questions Or Need Help With Deciding?

Call – WhatsApp


Questions People Are Asking...

Question #1: Will It Work For Me?

It depends, if you’re not an Action Taker, it won’t work and no magical technique will work for you because you won’t do anything with it. 

If you’re willing to take action and follow the step by step training… 

This will work for you as long as you follow the instructions that comes with Daily Ecommerce Sales Training Program.

Question #2: Won’t it be difficult, because I’m not techy?

No, it’s not difficult. 

It might sound so, but be rest assured that you can do it and you should do it because it’s one of the best skill you can have in your Ecommerce business. 

Congratulations! You're The Best...

You’re one step away from getting the Daily Ecommerce Sales System, that will help you get daily sales for your ecommerce products and put more cash in your pocket.

Pay Online (Paystack)

An easy way to get your program now is to pay through PayStack Online. After Payment Online of N10,000 (Save N15,000) with your ATM Card… 

You’ll be redirected to the member’s page to get your program and bonuses even if it’s 2am in the morning!

Pay Through Bank Transfer

Bank Account: Access Bank
Account Name: Moses Uchechukwu
Account Number: 0734695941

Send a message with your name and email to info@hotproducts.com.ng or Send WhatsApp Message or SMS or Call My Assistant on 08071283838 to get your program and bonuses… Or just fill the form below.

Here's Everything You'll Get Today...

Total Value Worth – N500,500+

Best Price – Only N25,000

Founding Member Price


CAUTION: I’ll Be Increasing The Price To N25,000 – Without Any Announcement After The First 50 Smart People

Pay Online (Paystack)

An easy way to get your program now is to pay through PayStack Online. After Payment Online of N10,000 (Save N15,000) with your ATM Card… 

You’ll be redirected to the member’s page to get your program and bonuses even if it’s 2am in the morning!

Pay Through Bank Transfer

Bank Account: Access Bank
Account Name: Moses Uchechukwu
Account Number: 0734695941

Send a message with your name and email to info@hotproducts.com.ng or Send WhatsApp Message or SMS or Call My Assistant on 08071283838 to get your program and bonuses… 

Have Questions Or Need Help With Deciding?

Call – WhatsApp


80% OFF Founding Memeber Offer – N50,000 N10,000Expires Soon


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