Finally… A Real Way To Create Irrefusable Offers With

"IOS Formula"

That Help You Generate Daily Consistent Sales For Your Business Even If You’re New & Inexperience.

INCLUDING... High Copy & Paste Offer Templates, Over N100K Bonuses + One on One Support.

(Video Training + PDF Guides + Bonuses + Live Coaching + Resources)

What Do You Sell?

Your Product or Your Offer?

If you sell your products (like others), you’ll make money sometimes. 

However, if you create an irrefusable offer… 

You’ll get people to beg you to collect their money everyday, mostly when you use the IOS Formula! 

Like this… 

You know an irrefusable offer when you see one. 

Because that was one of those offers that got you to send the last cash in your account,because you had to get that product. 

Remember that product that looked too good to be true. But, was worth the money you paid. Yes. That’s an irrefusable offer. 

You might choose to ignore it after seeing it… 

But you won’t stop thinking about it until you finally pay for it… Because it’s damn irrefusable! 

Do you want to learn how to create cash pulling & irrefusable offers? 

Yes or No?… 

By the way, an irrefusable offer should be producing cash for you everyday. 

Imagine Getting This For Yourself Everyday…

Are you getting NEW customer sales everyday?

If you say NO… 

I’ll show you how to fix this by using the IOS Formula to create offers that your customers can’t refuse. 

WAIT… You don’t need to have a special product. 

It doesn’t require any experience or have to be the best in your industry. 

It’ll work for anybody, any business, whether online or offline. Be it, Ecommerce, Real Estate, Consulting and Even cake stores. 

Are you getting NEW customer sales everyday?

And the best part is… 

You can start creating irrefusable offers that will make your competitors irrelevant within 30 minutes of using the IOS Formula…. 

…and never experience another day without sales. 

If you follow my system and it doesn’t work for your business… I’ll compensate you for wasting your time. 

Deal? Want to try it now?

Who Am I To Make Sure A Bold Claim?

I'm Moses Uche...

Whatever your answers are… 

That can’t remove the fact that a single hot products have made multiple people Millionaires…. 

Can You Close 10% of All Your Leads Into Hyper-Profitable Customers?

Did you say NO? 

Let me help you turn that into a YES.

Here’s how… 

The most important thing your customers pay for is your offer… 

Not your stories (no matter now Persuasive it sounds) 

Not your designs (no matter how clean and sophisticated it looks) 

Your offer is what customers exchange their cash for. 

If it’s possible to convert 10% of your leads, will you agree this will grow your business super fast?

While becoming more profitable month after month, without sacrificing profit for sales. 

Now, this is such a game changer for you and anyone using it, compared with the 1 to 3% conversion rate that most of your competitors are getting with their ordinary offer. 

This IOS Formula for creating Irrefusable Offers works because of the 40/40/20 principle of direct marketing, here’s how it works… 

100% of any successful marketing campaign is attributed to 3 things…


Getting The Right Audience To See Your Campaign


Using The Right Words, Copy, Graphics and Videos


Giving Your Audience An Irrefusable Offer That Want

It’s very easy to reach the right audience. Thanks to technologies like Google and Facebook. 

It has never been easier to target different audiences with your marketing campaign, even when you’re offline. 

However, until now, there has not been a clear method for creating irrefusable offers that customers are waiting to grab. 

So, as you can see already, after your audience…

The Most Impactful Element In Your Marketing Campaign For Generating NEW Customers Sales Everyday…

…is to having an irrefusable offer. 

Everyone knows a great offer… 

But almost one knows how to craft one, that’s why you MUST learn how to create irrefusable offers in less than 30 minutes… Before your competitors learn about it. 

Let me show you an example of how I created an irrefusable offer with IOS Formula… 

I launched a new product – Hot Products Detective Program. 

The product was targeted at Ecommerce business owners who import products from China & want a better way to get products that’ll sell faster. 

Before creating the product, I used the IOS Formula to create an irrefusable offer my audience really crave. 

After I launched it to a small list of just 345 people. 183 people took action by buying my offer. Incredible!

That is a whopping 53% Positive Conversion Rate.

Seems impossible! Who can beat that?

By the way, that’s a solid 7 figure campaign.

This worked for multiple reasons…

1) Moses Uche created it… Trust me – any marketing campaign I touch turns to gold. Results follows me. Ask around. 

2) The offer was irrefusable to the right audience (If you’re into mini-importation, prove me wrong and check the page (

3) I was showing the right audience an offer they’ve been waiting for… because my competitors was not thinking of it. 

4) My copy, graphics and design was just good enough. Nothing really special. 

But, the truth of the matter is that, the offer was mind blowing. 

Everything worked because the offer worked. 

My dear, all you need is an irrefusable offer your customers want and then put it in front of them… and watch your results. 

This is why I want you to pay close attention as I show you how to put together your own irrefusable offer with IOS Formula.

Irrefusable Offer + Right Audience + Your Business = New Customer SALES

Irrefusable Offers will work for you, if you’re in the business of bringing in new customers and clients, regardless of your type of business whether online or offline 

For Example…

Real Estate

Get Qualified BUYER Leads & Sell More Properties


Engage With Buyers & Sell More Products

Small Business

Followup With Prospects & Get More Customers

Network Marketing

Recruit Easily, Sell Faster & Get More Commissions


Generate Leads and Get More High-Paying Clients

Digital Products

Sell More Products & Reduce Your Expenses


Engage Your Audience Anytime & Sell More Books


Book More Appointment & Make More Money

Much More…


Give me 15 seconds and I’ll prove it to you…. 


What's The "Difference" Between Version A & B?


The offer. 

The offer for the version B, in this case, an extremely low price for everything you’re getting. 

It’s a no brainer.

The offer for the version A is Nothing special. It’s normal. And normal offer doesn’t generate daily sales.

You’ll get more sales and directly increase your profits because when you create an irrefusable offer, you’ll definitely profit from every sale. 

You cost won’t be more than your selling price. That’s one of the great wonders of using IOS Formula to create irrefusable offers. 


…as long you’re targeting the right people, the offer plays the biggest role in making the sale. 

With the right offer, you’ll enjoy more sales. The more normal your offer is? The less sales you get.

And not just that, with the right irrefusable offer…

It's Easier For You To Start Generating Sales...

Without Changing Anything Else In Your Marketing Campaign!

Meaning, when you put together and use the IOS Formula like I am going to explain, you can get away with lower quality marketing, lower quality copy, graphics and so on. 

…Because your offer does most of the work when it comes to generating the sale for your business. 

Remember, the audience and offer are responsible for 80% of your campaign’s success.

But if you have an average offer in your marketing campaign, you need higher quality marketing materials to get the job done. 

That’s why the entrepreneurs who construct their offers as an afterthought, get very little sales. 

And just as a side note, it’s important that you understand this… 

Your Offer Is NOT Just Your Product & Price

Those are just two pieces of your offer. 

And like you now know that the IOS Formula can help you create irrefusable offer… 

…and tremendously impact how well your marketing turns prospects into buyers. 

And this is why the savviest marketers assemble the right offer before doing anything else. 

Before choosing the campaign model, before writing a headline, and before setting up any web pages or doing anything else.

And it’s super easy to set up your offer to might the needs of your customers, because it’s done with just a few things. 

And, the entire Irrefusable offer can be put together in less than 30 minutes.

Are You Ready To Create Your NEXT Irrefusable Offer...

…and start getting NEW customer sales at maximum profit?

If you don’t want it… 

I’m sorry for wasting your time with information that can change your business and life. 

And, you know it’ll. However, you can leave this page right now… because about to show you how to create irrefusable offers. 

But, if you’re ready… I’m here to help you. 

And it’s time to give you what you’ve been waiting for. 

I planned on teaching this in a 2 days physical class. But, I didn’t want people to deal with the logistics of coming from other states to Lagos. 

So, in order to make it accessible to others, I have carefully packaged everything you need in a… 

+ Video Training Program 

+ PDF Guides 

+ Group Support & Training 

+ Done For You Templates 

+ Premium Softwares 

+ Live Marketing Hacks 

+ ADVANCED Case Studies 

+ Customer Retention Secrets 

+ MAD Bonuses (Your Eyes Only) 

+ And So Much More… 

Which you can immediately stream online in the next 5 minutes or easily download to your phone or laptop to watch & read immediately… 

…without waiting for the courier company to delivery a DVD or paying HUGE hotel fee and physical training fee. 

You can start today in 5 minutes! 

So, are you ready to create your next cash pulling offer? 


Irrefusable Offer Secret

Discover The IOS Formula Used By Million-Dollar Brands To Generates 3X – 5X More Customers For Any Business Online or Offline & Make Your Competitors Irrelevant, Even If You’re New & Inexperience.

Here's What You'll Get In Hot Products Detective Training Program


Module #1 - Discover The Smart Mindset And Proper Structure That'll Enable You Run A Successful 7 Figure Ecommerce Business

(Video Training + PDF ACTION GUIDE)

Forget hype and the typical “marketing” you’re sick of and used to concerning getting a products that end up swallowing your hard-earned money. 

Today, I’ll show you a simple approach that works in a shocking way – and it doesn’t even take money to deploy & try it.

The Focus Module will show you the proper way to setup your ecom business so that you can start collecting & selling Hot Products, that makes your delivery guys complain about too much orders (while you’re getting disturbed by the sounds of credits alerts – everyday)


Worth Over


My Good Friend! That's not all - You'll Also Get...

FAST Action Takers Bonuses

BONUS #1 - Ecom Funnel Design Training

Highly Converting Ecom Funnel & Sales Page Design BTS Workshop Training

(WORTH N25,000 - It's FREE Today!)

First impression last longer, right? 

However, it’s annoying to see Ecom owner design sales page (your most valuable salesman) like a smelling 7days spoiled egg. Yunk! 

Whenever you’re selling online, always remember that you’re selling a Blackbox and no one knows what they’ll get until they actually get it.

So, you need to paint the perfect picture for them before they'll order & buy.

You’ll get an exclusive training on how to design highly profitable Ecom Funnels that convince your customers to click on the Order Now button. And pay you, without procrastinating. 

In this Behind The Scene Training, you’ll watch over my shoulder and see how I design highly converting sales page, even if you can’t edit a word document – yet.

+ FREE Sales Page Builder Plugin (the exact one we use in our agency - everyday)

You can make more money by helping Ecom owners design their own sales funnel, even if you hate design because you’ll learn a 5 step method we use to design winning Ecom Funnels everytime & even see me designing it LIVE. 

BONUS #2 - EPICAL Copy Formula

Ecom (Story-Based) EPICAL Copy Formula That Convert Boring Readers To Interested Buyers

(WORTH N15,000 - It's FREE Today!)

Have you even read a story that hooked your attention, because you had to know what happened at the end? If yes, I’ll show you how to write something like that… 

But in this case, your product or service will be the end goal. That will be the cure to your customer deadly problem.

STORY WORKS! And my formula is a shortcut for you to master it in less time.

You don’t have to be creative to write attention grabbing story. You’ll learn my exact 7 step epical copy formula for writing story based copy that convert boring readers to interested buyers. 

This formula can work for any product or service, as long as the users are human. It’ll hook them & make them buy! 

I used the formula here, and that’s WHY you’re still reading. Buy now, to get this bonus – so that you’ll learn how to hook your customers. 

BONUS #3 - Tested & Trusted Facebook™ Ads Payment Methods

5 Facebook™ Ads Payment Methods That Works For Us Without Any Failure

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If successfully paying for ads is still on your to-do list, please cancel it now and relax – Simply because… 

I’ll show you 5 sure methods that makes paying for your ads (or clearing your stubborn ads debt) as easy as turning on an ad – No more struggle.

If you've this ads payment issue, worry no more because there's a trusted solution.

If you don’t find a quick & reliable solution to your Ads payments issue now, your highly performing ads for one of your hot product might be paused because you couldn’t pay your debt after trying the only method you knew. 

Be a proactive Ecom owner and reduce every risk of not getting sales, even if it’s your declined payment issue. 

Fix it now, get more proven methods to help you (or a friend in future) and secure your business. Get this bonus now and be ready for the unnecessary payment decline attack.

BONUS #4 - Weird & Proven Ads Cost Crusher Secrets

Discover The NEW Systematic Process To Reduce Your Ads Cost In 48 hours - Without Killing Your Highly Performing Campaigns

(WORTH N10,000 - It's FREE Today!)

High ads cost can reduce your overall profit in your Ecommerce business. 

The logic is simple – the lower the cost it takes to sell a product, the higher your profit. It’s your responsibility to find ways to reduce your ads cost every time. 

This system helps you reduce your ad cost without reducing your ad performance.

Actually, this system helps you increase your ads performance and increase your conversions without spending more. 

The strategies are easy to implement. It’s stupidly simple. When you see it, you’ll slap yourself for not thinking of it. Get this bonus today & start reducing your cost. 

BONUS #5 - Facebook Ads Secret Strategy For Getting Daily Sales


(WORTH N15,000 - It's FREE Today!)

If you want daily bank alert flooding your phone, this is the strategy you must be using. 

Forget the hype! Most 7 figure marketers get sale everyday because they’re using & doing something most people are not doing. 

I want to give you the exact tool and strategy that’s help marketers like us get daily sales with Facebook Ads. 

Trust me… 

…you can’t find anything like this on YouTube or Facebook Group.

HINT: CA // LLA // UTT // RT & Much More

BONUS #6 - Secrets Of Gaining Buyers Trust Online

A Predictable Formula For Getting Doubting-Thomas Buyers To Know, Like & Trust You Online Even If You’re New, Inexperienced & Unpopular (Must-Have If you sell anything online)

(WORTH N15,000 - It's FREE Today!)

As you already know, Sales = Trust! 

Without trust, your potential buyers won’t pay for your product and service.

This simple step by step system is useful for making customers trust you online (social media) even if you’re new and without a track record.

There are various reasons why a customer might not trust you, and it’s your duty to find ways to get customers to trust you, mostly when you’re still a small business.

Following the steps inside this course will make you and your offers more trustworthy and credible in the eyes of your customers. 

Try the strategies and testify! 

BONUS #7 - Scarcity Buying Activator

Discover The Psychological Forces That Make Your Customers RUSH To Open Their Wallet To Buy Your Products & Services Without Procrastinating

(WORTH N15,000 - It's FREE Today!)

Marketing without scarcity is just storytelling. 

You need to give people a very serious reason to buy now – instead of waiting for the perfect time.

This activator can be copied and pasted into your current marketing materials and you’ll see an instant increase in conversion – NO JOKE!

If you’ll leave customers to make up their mind, they’ll take years to decision on whether they should buy your offer. 

That’s why we use the power of Scarcity to get people to act immediately for their best interest. It works, when you use the Scarcity Buying Activator. 

Total Bonus Value = N350,500

The Total Value For Irrefusable Offer Secret Program + Bonuses:


But you’re not going to pay N150,500+… 

Even though it’s worth it. You’re not even going to need half of that.

I can charge you N50,000 now… 

And it’ll be worth it, because all you need is one good offer to hit your million goal.

All you need to learn how to create irrefusable offer…

Is a small investment of… 


That’s it! No Long Discussion! No Fake Pricing…

But, I want to sweeten the offer for you since you’re now my friend who’s serious about creating irrefusable offers.

As A Marketing Experiment...

During a short period of time, I will offer this video training program + all the bonuses to you for a low price of N5,000.

YES! You will pay only – N5,000. 

I know it’s too cheap (& I’m not stupid either). But, there are two simple conditions attached to it… 

1. You must consume the training within a few days of getting it and implement what you learned.

2. If you think the training is valuable or you got results from it, then you’ll send me a video / written review or testimonial (I can’t wait for your 7 figure testimonials). 

By doing that, you’ll be saving over N15,000 – while you pay only N5,000.



Need Help With Deciding?



60 Days Money Back + Relieve Your Stress With “SHAWARMA” Guarantee

This program has the best methods for collecting hot products consistently. You’re either fully satisfied and make more than 5X the money you invest in these materials, or… 

Send an email to or call 08071283838 for a full refund of your investment

After showing us proof you did the work exactly as I teach you, and you’re unhappy because you’ve not recovered the money you invested today…

You’ll get your FULL investment back… Plus another N1,000 out of my pocket to buy yourself a delicious BIG & HOT shawarma to relieve your stress.

Total transparency, because that’s the way it should be. 

Take me up on this now, trust me – you won’t regret it. I guarantee you’ll love it or keep everything & get a refund + shawarma money.

Congratulations! You're The Best...

You’re one step away from getting the Irrefusable Offer Secret Program that will help you create cash pulling offers your customers want.

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Pay Online (Paystack)

An easy way to get your program now is to pay through PayStack Online. After Payment Online of N5,000 (Save N15,000) with your ATM Card… 

You’ll be redirected to the member’s page to get your program and bonuses even if it’s 2am in the morning!

Pay Through Bank Transfer

Bank Account: Access Bank
Account Name: Moses Uchechukwu
Account Number: 0734695941

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