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If You Want A Faster Way To Produce Your Next 6 - 7 Figures In Ecommerce!

Imagine, Joining A Club Where Making Money Is On Everyone’s Mind... PLUS Also Get 3 Hot Products Every Month + Suppliers Details + Winning Ad Creative & Copy + Sales Page To Sell Off The Products FAST.

"Make 5X - 10X Your Investment In 60 Days or Get Double Your Money Back"

(3 Hot Products + Ad Copy + Ad Creative + Sales Page + Product Link + MAD Bonuses)

Why A New Ecommerce Millionaires Club? Do You Know...

Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet & Any Guru You Adore – All Masterminded Their Way Towards Success?

Yes… They all did. And so will you.

The Life You Want, The Success You Want, The Person You Want To Become, Is Determined By Who Surround You. 

That’s why it’s important to be surrounded by the people you want to be like and also the people who will inspire you to take action towards achieving your goals.

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”

– Oprah Winfrey

We’re on a mission to keep lifting ourselves higher.

If you want to accelerate your ecommerce growth, you’re welcome into the Ecom Millionaires Club

First Things First...

You’re on this page because you want to profit 3X faster, without going through the stress of researching a Hot Product.

I understand your pain. 

You probably don’t have enough time – and this ecommerce thing feels like it’s not just working or maybe just too slow for you. Or you’re already comfortable, but want to move to the next level.

Then, read this quote…

“Surround yourself with people who hold you to a higher standard than you hold yourself.”

– Arianna Huffington

This club was created because we made a decision to help people who are too busy to research a hot product of their own. 

Because honestly – we get lots of products every week, and we can’t sell them all. We’ve tried to sell as much as we can – but what is the fun in a game if there’s always the same winner.

More than just the Hot Products, we created a group of those who want to grow faster, get help faster, get more orders every day and ultimately grow their connections.

“Succeeding in business is all about making connections.”

– Richard Branson

Listen to a billionaire, he knows what he’s talking about.

I'm Moses Uche...

A Silent Ecommerce Millionaire who specializes in selling ONLY hot products customers will rush to buy… and buy again. The Creator of Hot Products Detective.

I’m not bragging… But if you’ve never sold a hot product before, you’ve not really discovered the joy of running an Ecommerce business.

So, Why Are We Doing This?

After producing a blockbuster program – Hot Product Detectives…

I noticed some students were getting massive results back to back.

Why a few weren’t. 

I was worried, so as a good teacher (what my students said) I reached to them to know what was wrong or where they needed help, then – I noticed a few things…

Some were working class and didn’t have time. They admitted that Hot Products Detective Program was the best program they’ve ever taken (don’t believe – Check it out here) or they just don’t have any free time to put in the work.

Some were in Emergency Mode. Something terrible just happened to them. Like someone dead, got fired from work, lost money from an investment… something bad happened. And they needed a quick fix with a hot product – without wasting time.

Some were asking for a done for you products. I’ve ignored them for too long because I was busy with a lot of things. Then wanted it because they were tired of trying and failing.

Some people needed a club with top producers. We listened and created something that feels like a private home, far from home. A place where you can share your success story without people judging you. A place where you can share your loss and immediately get a helping hand, because most of us in the group, have failed before.

Most importantly, a place where you can ask for help, just like brothers and sisters without any prejudice or shame.

Sounds impossible?

You’ve not joined us, that’s why.

“Surround yourself with people who challenge you, teach you, and push you to be your best self.”

– Bill Gates

Another billionaire is spilling some secrets… WAIT! Are you saying…

“...But, I Just Want Only Hot Products Every Month”

Cool… That’s the main reason I created it in the first place.

The second reason is, I wanted a place where we can learn much more than just getting hot products.

A place where we could support ourselves… to move our ecommerce businesses into the 7 figure to 8 figure status.

If you’ve not got any success with Ecommerce yet…

Please, don’t forget that, You’re Only One Hot Product Away From Making Millions In Ecommerce. And, it all starts with believing in yourself.

People are doing it… You too can do it.

“The people who you surround yourself with, might make or break your life. So choose wisely and it will help your way to success.”

– Steve Jobs

“Always associate yourself with people who are better than you.”

– Warren Buffett

If you implement what Buffett is saying, and end up joining this club – you’ll notice that, you’ll be learning more from a lot of people that are better than you – which will ultimately make you better.

Need Proof?

"I Made 7 Figures With My Second Hot Product" - Samuel

"Doing Ecommerce Since 2015... I've Started Getting Massive Orders & 1 Product Will Give Me 7 Figures" - Ugo


Ecommerce Millionaires Club

A Private Club Of Active Ecommerce Growth Individuals With A Monthly Done For You Hot Product Service

My fellow (or yet to be) millionaire, listen…

This is not an ebook, a course or another additional training. 

Yes, you’ll be getting hot products every month – but what you’ll gain from the community will be more than the millions a hot product can give you.

This Is The First & Best Ecom Club + Done For You Private Hot Product Service

…That’ll equip you with a Hot Product that has the potential of making you smile to the bank.

Not like that software that auto-recommend 100’s of money-sucking products every day. 

Ours are vetted and hand-picked. Not auto-selection!

If you’re in need of some emergency money! This is the right group to join. 

Here is what Napoleon Hill said about a club/mastermind like this…

“First of all, it is the principle through which you may borrow and use the education, the experience, the influence, and perhaps the capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life. 

It is the principle through which you can accomplish in one year more than you could accomplish without it in a lifetime if you depended entirely on your own efforts for success.”

– Napoleon Hill

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Choose carefully.”

 – Jim Rohn

Ready to jump in?

Here’s What You’ll Get...

3 Winning & Profitable Winning Hot Products

We’ll give you 3 tested hot product that will sell… because it’s already selling well – and you’ll be the first few people (sometimes the first person) to sell it in Nigeria.

The hot product is unique & will be shared with only people in the group… Act Fast. Secure it. Launch It. Do 7 figure from it before you show your friends.

These are not the kind of product that makes Facebook Ban your Ad account. 

We focus on giving you hot products that stays out of the health industry! So, you can easily sell it without the usual Facebook frustration.


What Makes Ecom Millionaires Club So Special?

It’s a community to help you succeed faster…

We’re adding the ultimate shortcut materials so that you can easily sell your new Hot Product… with less stress.

This additional resources take us more time to get, but we want you to get the results you’ve been craving for. 

So, you’ll get things like…

Proven Facebook Ad Copy

Don’t like writing? We’ll give you the perfect ad copy that’s tested already. You’ll use it to promote the product and rank in sales without even writing anything. If you want more than one - let us know.

Ad Creative (Video or Image)

Don’t know how to get images & videos? We’ll surprise you with creatives that has been tested with over $100 on Facebook Ads. There is no copyright issues. If you want more than one - let us know.

Perfect Ad Targeting

Have trouble targeting the right customers that’ll buy? We’ll show you our secret system for targeting real buyers, without wasting our ads budget only on broad targeting. This strategy alone will save you money.

Proven Copy + Salespage

Don’t know how to craft copy for your sales page? We’re here for you. We’ll give you a high performing sales page to replicate fast. This is a page that’s already producing millions & it’ll work for you.

Direct 1688 & Aliexpress Link

Usually have troubles getting suppliers for a product? We’ll give you the exact 1688 & Aliexpress Link to get your products. We focus on high quality products, so the link we’ll be for best-sellers.

Secret Online Community

A truly secret group you can't find online. This ‘portal’ is where every resource will be delivered. The group is geared towards the growth of your Ecom business. It's fun and serious at the same time.

Worth Over


Want To Get Started Now?

Everything you’re getting is worth over N150,000.

Which is just 15% of your first or next million from a hot product.

But you won’t be paying N150,000.

To join, you’ll be paying only 10% of N500,000. That’s N50,000.

Only N50,000

My goal is to keep this group away from excuse ambassadors, finger pointers and those who don’t want to put in the work.

Yes! Those are the set of people who think spending N50,000 to join a club that can make them millions is a good deal. If that is you… 

If not, then this is not for you… BYE! 

If you’re ready to invest in your ecommerce business, then this offer is for you.

Currently, we’re looking for a few sets of people to join us. If you’re ready. It’s just N50,000.

Remember, losers – snooze! But, I want to use my church mind to make this offer better for you.

Since you’re a student of Hot Product Detective or any of my programs… I’ll give you a special 50% OFF Discount if you act now… and fast.

Meaning that you’ll get all the monthly hot products + join the community for N25,000.

ONLY 25,000

Or 3 Monthly Payments Of N9,500

Does that sound strange to you? 

We’re sorry if it does but, no matter what…. We intend to treat you like we would like to be treated. 

In other words, we think you deserve to be able to try this amazing product because you’ve trusted us with your money & time before.

Join the Ecom Millionaires Club today, and if you’re not happy with it – you can ask for your money back. 

Now, what’s excuse do you have for not joining the group now?

Implementation Challenge!

If You’re Ready To Implement, Here’s What You’ll Gain… when you sell any of the suggested hot product or the strategy shared – let me know when you cross… 

N100,000 in sales (100K Club)

Now you’ve progress + you’ll get a special appreciation party. We’re happy everyone is winning. Because when you win, everyone also win. I want you to start making money – no matter what your village people have done to… hahahaa

N200,000 in sales (200K Club)

I’ll have a private 30 mins call with you worth N10,000 + access to my memory box. Ask me anything you want, even my current campaigns.

N500,000 in sales (500K Club)

I’ll get you a personal gift + 1 hour strategy video call (Priceless). The gift will put a smile on your face and you’ll wish to have more.

N1,000,000 in sales (1M Club)

I’ll personally meet with you at our event (Breakthrough Day With Moses worth N50,000) and discuss better strategies to grow faster into the 8 figure mark with confidence.

Make sense, right?

That’s not all, I’ll also be sending you a special award as part of those few students that took action.

All in all, I’m doing this, so that you can make money for yourself, your family and your generation. Not for me.


Here are some few goodies you’ll get when you join the club today!

7 Figure Sales Accelerator Pack

Getting customers to buy from you today, requires top-notch marketing campaigns with crazy & profitable optimization strategies.

Daily LIVE 1-on-1 Question & Answer

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

The best time to ask for help is when you’re stuck. The second best time is when something bad just happened. 

In our ecom business, sh*t happens and when you don’t have anybody to lean on in those bad days, you might be tempted to completely destroy the empire you’re trying to build. 

I & many other bosses will be here to help you when you’re stuck – every day. This alone is gold – because one simple strategy can lead to your 7 figure breakthrough.

Premium Ad Copy Review & Critique Service

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

A powerful ad copy is hard to write if you don’t know anything about persuasive copywriting. 

With our review service, you’ll learn the killer attribute of a badass copy and you’ll get your copy TRANSFORMED in your eyes or be given pointers on what to do. 

You’re in a club – so you won’t be left alone and you’ll learn from other people copy critique and review, which is exactly what everyone needs. 

Premium Creative Review & Critique Service

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

On average, I test my creative (images or videos) more than my copy when running ads because it’s very important to capture attention in our distraction-filled world. 

No single people know which creative will work best, but with deliberate testing – you’ll begin to take note of those creative that stop people from scrolling. 

You’ll also see other people creatives that worked or failed so that you can become a master at picking badass creatives. 

Premium Offers Review & Critique Service

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

In all my years of marketing, the offer is the most neglected part of a marketing campaign. 

In my opinion, the offer is the most important element in your marketing campaign. I promise you, no matter how good your copy or creative is – if you have a bad offer, you’ll sell nothing or just a little to get you frustrated. 

But, put together an irrefusable offer, then sit down and use your banking app to watch your bank account grow big into your phone number…hahaha (metaphorically) 

Your offer will go through the surgical process and become a fancy money guarantee. While you learn as other people offer with K-Leg get straighten. Isn’t cool? 

Premium Salespage Review & Critique Service

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

First impression last longer, right? However, it’s annoying to see Ecom owner design sales page (your most valuable salesman) like it doesn’t matter. 

Whenever you’re selling online, always remember that you’re selling a Blackbox and no one knows what they’ll get until they actually get it. So, you need to paint the perfect picture for them before they’ll order & buy. 

Don’t worry… We’ll be reviewing your sales page and make sure it’s equipped to seduce buyers to place orders. And you’ll also learn from other good & bad sales pages. 

Access To Special Software

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

As a special member of this Club, you’ll be granted access to VIP tools and various softwares that’ll help your ecommerce business. 

We negotiate special pricing on popular products for all our members to save cost. (This alone would pay for the membership itself). 

As a member in good standing, you’ll also get access to all my tools that has lifetime or unlimited access. 

Ecommerce Scaling Freedom Tools

To fully have the freedom to scale your Ecommerce business, you will need some vital tools that have proven to work for other brands.

Ad Account Protector

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

If you use Facebook Ads for your Ecommerce business, this question is for you… 

What will you do when Facebook’s hammer hit your top performing ads for a bridge of policy? 

You don’t have to cry. We have a system for resolving it and getting back our Ads Account (if possible) or we’ll just show you another of getting more Ads Account. 

However, this system has proven itself by recovering over 12 ads Account for me even though I was promoting gray products.

Ad Account Multiplier

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

Imagine the ability to have over 10 solid & fresh ad accounts at hand at any point. 

BTW… This doesn’t involve you buying someone’s ad account, which is a criminal act by Facebook and can get you in serious trouble – because that account was probably hacked (in most cases). 

Anyway, this system is legal, legit and it’ll keep working for a long time. And the Ads Account won’t cause your normal ads to get flagged if you follow the action steps. 

It’s clean & ready to work for your bank account. 

Weekly List Of Money Producing Ecommerce Funnels

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

We’ve cracked the code of getting hot selling product. This process has made me check 100’s of ecom funnels. And I still check at least 10 daily.

I normally, save those money generators funnels… And I’ll be sharing it in the group as soon as I see them.

Imagine, funnel hacking a funnel that’s producing a million-dollar daily? I tried it and made around N250K for 3 days straight – even though I was dumb & not skilled then.

When ClickFunnels say, “you’re only 1 funnel away”… Biko – believe them. And look for that funnel or build it, but not from scratch – leverage what you have around you. 

UPDATED: Special Delivery Agents Rolodex (Contacts)

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

Over the years we have worked with various delivery agents, but our current agents are killing it for us. 

We use over 50, and we’re willing to send them to you for free, as a member of this club. 

In case, you’ve forgotten – your delivery guys can make or destroy your ecom business. Choose them wisely! 

UPDATED: Special Supplier Agents Rolodex (Contacts)

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

I remember the first time I imported my goods. When I received it, over 15 products out of 20 was pressed. Complete loss, because I used the wrong guys. 

Over time, we have picked a selected amount of supplier we use, and they’ve proven themselves to the amazing! 

You won’t regret using them. Don’t guess who’s better. Just use the people we use. 

Facebook Ads Secret Strategy For Getting Daily Sales

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)


If you want daily bank alert flooding your phone, this is the strategy you must be using. 

You can’t find anything like this on YouTube or Facebook Group… 

HINT: CA // LLA // UTT // RT & Much More

Advanced Ads Scaling Secrets

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

Scaling a performing ad without mistakenly killing it, is very different – mostly when you don’t know what to do. 

In this advanced training, I’ll show you how to successfully scale your ads beyond your imagination without even killing the performance. 

First, you’ll learn the mindset behind scaling (which is what most people lack) – then, you’ll learn how to scale to the moon.

Close Guarded Book Summaries

This is one of the most hidden secrets of highly effective executives (Fortune 500 CEOs)… They read more book summaries than actual books.  

While you’re busy reading one 200+ page book full of irrelevant stories, they’ve read 10-14 books summaries & executing fast.

Book Summary: Breakthrough Advertising

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

This was one of the most expensive Marketing and Copywriting books in the world, it used to cost about $500 = N180,000k.

But today, you’ll get the book summary. The book is big, so I took my time to summary it, so I don’t read 300 pages every time I need something from it.

It’s considered by many, like the Bible for marketing. So, I always refer to it whenever I’m working on a marketing campaign. This summary will help you write better copy & sell faster in less than 20 minutes of reading it. 

In fact, when you get to the third page – you’ll drop the book summary and start thinking of how to implement it in your business. 

Book Summary: Scientific Advertising

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

This book gave me the mindset of a serious marketer. It’s a must-read for any 21-century business person. 

If you’re currently not testing every aspect of your campaign, you’ll greatly learn about best practices and how to start testing things. 

As they say, success leaves a trace. Most successful marketing campaigns follow a proven system and the system in this book is one of them. This book summary will show you the exact methods. 

Book Summary: Influence

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

You’re an influencer whether you like it or not. Whenever you get someone to act based on your suggestions, you’re directly or indirectly influencing them. 

It’ll be better to learn the proven principles that have helped kings, salesmen, marketers or even pastors to influence millions of people for over 100 years. 

And it’ll keep working for a long time because everything can change, but core human behaviour will never change. This book summary will help you acquire the skill of influencing people faster. 

Book Summary: The Richest Man In Babylon

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

The principles in this book are the foundation of all riches or wealth. 

It’s a must-read for anyone who inspires to be rich… Or Inspire for total freedom from worrying about money. 

This book has changed my life many times over. Every time I read this summary, I immediately get the urge to step up my game and work towards wealth. 

This book is solid. I’m not seen any financial coach who said not to the principles in this book. With the help of this book summary, In 15 minutes you can absorb the principles – fast. 

Book Summary: How To Win Friends And Influence People

(Worth N5,000 – Free Today)

If I had the power, I’ll make this book, the first book every salesman, marketer & a business owner should read. If not, they shouldn’t be in business. 

Do you want your family, your clients, or even your competitors to like you and give you a business? If yes, this is the book to read. 

This is not a HYPE! And this book will help you sell more to your customers without feeling like a fraud. 

Also, most of your customers will call you “my friend” – without even knowing what you’re doing to them. 

More Bonuses Coming...

Worth Over


Have Questions Or Need Help With Deciding?

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Smart Questions From Smart Customers...

Question #1: When will I get the product?

In less than 1 hour. If you pay with Paystack, that time will be reduced to 20 minutes. Before you get the package, we recommend that you prepare yourself, your tools and be ready to strike. 

Question #2: How many people will get the same hot product?

Only the people in the group. And the kind of products we’ll be sharing are products, over 10 people can sell and still make a million each from. 

Question #3: Are you sure it will sell?

Yes. If you’re familiar with Hot Products Detective Program, you’ll know that we have a formula for checking if a product will sell or not. 

Question #4: Are you going to give me a copy to sell the product?

Yes, boss. Both ad copy and sales page copy. We’ve got your back. 

Question #5: Can you help me sell it?

No boss. We’re currently booked. Not accepting clients for the next 6 months. 

Question #6: What are we going to do in the 10 minutes call?

Talk about the strategy to execute faster. If you don’t want it – ignore it. 

Question #7: How will I sell the product?

With Facebook Ads. Get the ad copy, choose from the creatives, setup the Funnel and launch your ad. You can scale it and use Google Ads for it. 

Question #8: Once I get this package, how much will I sell the product for?

We’ll put a recommended price for each product we give you. You can choose to sell high or low. Nevertheless, you’ll be profitable. 

Question #9: Which niche will be hot product be?

Anything apart from health products that kill ad account. Various Niches like home equipment, beauty, kitchen, gadgets, fashion etc. 

Question #10: Will I get one hot product every month or just once?

Yes, every month for 1 year. Which is way beyond your enrollment price. Enjoy it. It’s your right! 

Smart Choice! Now, Let's Get The Money...

You’re one step away from getting the Ecom Millionaires Club that will help you put more cash in your bank account.

Pay Online (Paystack)

An easy way to get your program now is to pay through PayStack Online. After Payment Online of N25,000 or 3 Monthly Payment Of N9,500 with your ATM Card… 

You’ll be redirected to fill a form to get your package and book your call even if it’s 2am in the morning!

Pay Through Bank Transfer

Bank Account: Access Bank
Account Name: Moses Uchechukwu
Account Number: 0734695941

(NOTE: You can’t pay N9,500 through bank transfer, you can only use this paystack link for that plan)

Send a message with your name and email to info@hotproducts.com.ng or Send WhatsApp Message or SMS or Call My Assistant on 08071283838 to get your package.

Here's Everything You'll Get Today...

Total Value Worth – N300,000

Normal Price – Only N30,000

HPD Student Price

1 Payment Of N25,000 Per Year

Or 3x Monthly Payments Of N10,000

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